Goals and Objectives

Goal 1. Attract and Recruit Goods and Services Closer to Home.

Objective 1: Work to attract a gas station.
Objective 2: Work to attract a grocery store and healthy food options (like a farmers' market).
Objective 3: Attract more businesses and more jobs to San Pierre.
Objective 4: Attract quality health care services.
Objective 5: Attract tourists and visitors to San Pierre - by capitalizing on recreation - such as the Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area - and by attracting bed & breakfasts and family friendly restaurants.
Objective 6: Attract businesses which support farming and agricultural activities in Railroad Township.

Goal 2. Retain and Support Existing Goods and Services in Town.

Objective 1: Support existing businesses and encourage their growth and livelihood in San Pierre: post office, library, kindergarten, veterinary office, churches, other local businesses.
Objective 2: Maintain and upgrade the San Pierre Park and its amenities: basketball court, baseball diamond, soccer goals, skateboarding, picnic areas, barbeque pits, the WPA-era amphitheater, public gathering spaces, and spaces to show movies in the park.

Goal 3. Support Growth at the Center of Town and Preserve Open Space at the Edges of Town.

Objective 1: Continue to build upon the close proximity of services near Eliza Street and Broadway Street in the center of San Pierre. Preserve agricultural lands, open spaces, recreational areas, forested areas, and wildlife habitats in Railroad Township.
Objective 2: Maintain and upgrade public space and infrastructure near the town center: sidewalks, street lights, street trees, landscaping, and benches.
Objective 3: Develop walking trail systems within the town center to connect existing and future amenities. Develop hiking and biking trails outside of town, connecting the town center with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. (see also Goal 5)
Objective 4: Restore dilapidated properties near the town center. These properties pose a danger to public health, safety and welfare. They also create an eyesore at the entry to town, and contribute to a negative public image of San Pierre.
Objective 5: Continue to strengthen existing residential neighborhoods surrounding the town center. Work to renovate and rehabilitate aging properties, and promote landscaping and yard clean-up in these areas. Encourage new houses to be built within existing neighborhoods in San Pierre, rather than throughout Railroad Township.

Goal 4. Celebrate the Unique History of San Pierre.

Objective 1: Renovate, restore, and preserve buildings and structures of historic significance: the San Pierre Bank, Our Lady of Holy Cross, railroad right-of-ways, cemeteries and churches, historic houses, the WPA-era amphitheater, and other places of historic significance to the town's past.
Objective 2: Revive the town's history through unique events and celebrations. The San Pierre High School Reunion is a wonderful event that brings the community together through celebrating its history and sharing the memories of its shared past. Other past events mentioned by residents of San Pierre can be revived, such as movie nights in the park, the Halloween community bonfire, sporting events in the park, community dances, and holiday gatherings.
Objective 3: Form a San Pierre Historical Society. Coordinate efforts with the Starke County Historical Society, which has already assembled tremendous resources telling the local history of the area. Continue to record, preserve and share the unique memories of the residents of San Pierre.

Goal 5. Support Healthy Lifestyles and a Healthy Environment.

Objective 1: Develop walking and biking trails to connect amenities in town. Trail systems also have the benefit of connecting to the town's railroad history (Goal 4) and to surrounding natural resources like the Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area (Goal 3).
Objective 2: Maintain and upgrade public space and infrastructure to promote walking and biking near the Park and the town center: sidewalks, street lights, street trees, landscaping, and benches.
Objective 3: Maintain and upgrade the San Pierre Park and its amenities: basketball court, baseball diamond, soccer goals, skateboarding, picnic areas, barbeque pits, the WPA-era amphitheater, public gathering spaces, and spaces to show movies in the park.
Objective 4: Ensure clean air and clean water in San Pierre. Ensure quality drinking water through regular well testing. Monitor clean air quality from nearby industrial sites (particularly from the nearby Wheatfield Power Plant) through regular testing. Monitor potential groundwater contamination through regular testing. (Many such programs are available through state universities, Purdue University Extension, and non-profit organizations.)

Goal 6. Support and nurture youth programs in San Pierre.

Objective 1: Support events at the San Pierre Kindergarten.
Objective 2: Support events at the NJSP Schools and encourage their events to take place in San Pierre.
Objective 3: Encourage NJSP community service projects to take place in San Pierre.
Objective 4: Support youth-related activities at the San Pierre Library.
Objective 5: Encourage scouting and other boys and girls club activities in the area.
Objective 6: Support other local youth events, such as those at the Art Circle Institute and CROPS-led youth activities.
Objective 7: Revive little league ballgames, youth basketball leagues, and youth soccer games in the San Pierre Park.

Goal 7. Promote San Pierre, its Vision, and its Values.

Objective 1: Develop a community kiosk or message board to share information about local events, opportunities, and activities.
Objective 2: Develop a website to share information about San Pierre with alumni, former residents, and others outside of San Pierre.
Objective 3: Support local events and activities which help bring the community together, such as the San Pierre Fire Department Fish Fry, creation of a farmer's market, reviving past community events like movies in the park and the Halloween bonfire, and continuing the San Pierre High School reunion.

Goal 8. Continue Community Involvement in the Revitalization of San Pierre.

Objective 1: Continue to meet as a community on a regular basis to discuss and act upon issues facing San Pierre and Railroad Township. As an unincorporated community, the collective voice of the residents will carry the most political weight with decision-makers at the county, state and federal levels.
Objective 2: Gather as a community to review capital improvement projects that will have a significant impact on the future of San Pierre. Capital improvements are substantial public works projects and property developments that will require significant disruption in the normal operations of the town in order to be realized. Roadway improvements, sewer systems, large subdivision developments, and new industrial complexes are some typical capital improvement projects. Some jurisdictions define a capital improvement as a project that will cost more than $1 million and/or cause disruptions to a community for one year or more. Other jurisdictions define the cost of a project as low as anything costing over $100,000. The residents of San Pierre need to continue to voice their concerns and weigh the pros and cons about such developments that will significantly impact their future.


Land Use Plan

The land use plan for future development San Pierre is simple and straightforward. It identifies areas for potential growth, and builds upon both the historical organization of the town (commercial activities centered around the commons), and its current organization (social, cultural, civic and spiritual activities centered around Eliza Street and Broadway Street) connecting the town park to the town commons and US 421. Future commercial development should strengthen the existing downtown commercial core and further develop the Main Street character facing US 421. Residential growth and rehabilitation of existing housing stock should be encouraged within existing residential neighborhoods. The yellow area below covers an area roughly 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile, or a quarter section of land, supporting the central commercial core. Future growth and development should be targeted within or very near this area. Surrounding agricultural and natural resources should be preserved and supported whenever possible. Trail systems can then connect existing and future amenities, promote healthy lifestyles, and attract tourists to the area.

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