Alumni Survey Results

Q. What do you remember most about San Pierre?
A. Hanging out at the depot and talking to the conductors on the New York Central line when they stopped in town.

- alumni survey response

Q. What do you remember most about San Pierre?
A. My friends and teachers at San Pierre High School, going to School dances, the year our basketball team went undefeated...

- alumni survey response

Q. What do you remember most about San Pierre?
A. Movies in the park, and the Halloween bonfire.

- alumni survey response

While we officially received 18 responses to our Alumni Survey, our third townhall meeting coincided with the annual San Pierre High School Alumni Reunion, which provided us the opportunity to meet informally with dozens more former residents of San Pierre. Many alumni are disappointed the school building no longer stands next to the town park, yet their most fond memories are of school activities: dances, sporting events, class trips, and friendships made.

Number of Respondents = 18
Average Age of Respondents = 69.6 years
Average Graduating Class = 1955

Female = 77.8%
Male = 22.2%

Number of Years Lived in San Pierre = 29.9 years

Current Residence
San Pierre = 27.8%
North Judson = 11.1%
other = 61.1%

Current Residence
Indiana = 72.2%
Florida = 5.6%
Illinois = 5.6%
Ohio = 5.6%
South Carolina = 5.6%
Texas = 5.6%

Retired = 58.3%
Teacher = 16.7%
other = 25.0%

What Are Your Favorite Memories of San Pierre?
Going to school at San Pierre High School
Moneymaking projects for Senior Trip & Prom
Participating in "the Hunt" - a high school activity
School dinners
School dances
Favorite teachers
Christmas Play each year at San Pierre Elementary
Going to basketball games; the year we almost won sectionals; having an unbeaten basketball team in 1964
Outdoor movies in the Park
Community Halloween parties
Bake sales
Lion's Club picnic
Little League games
Delivering the South Bend Tribune
Playing "ditch'em" on bicycles
Locally owned businesses (3 grocery stores, 3 factories, bank, 2 train lines, 2 auto repair shops, 4 filling stations, pharmacy, 3 churches, 2 barber shops, post office, hospital, lumber yard)
Bank robberies; John Dillinger robbing the bank
The Pickle Factory
President Truman's campaign stop at the railroad depot
Hearing stories of Lincoln's Funeral Train stopping in San Pierre
Visiting with conductors on the NYC trains when they stopped at the depot
Wedding receptions at the Fire house
Lots of old, beautiful trees

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