Visions of San Pierre's Future

Historic Railroad Crossing - New Depot & Trailhead

  • As much as possible, work to preserve open space, forests and agricultural lands at the edges of town.
  • Information kiosks and public sign boards announce local events at locations in town where people tend to gather. Signs can promote upcoming movies in the park, a regularly scheduled farmers' market, the Volunteer Fire Department's Semi-Annual Fish Fry, and other community events.
  • The historic crossing of the New York Central and Monon Railroads can be marked with a special trail crossing, perhaps withsomething as simple as a change in surface material.
  • The original passenger depot, freight houses and grain elevator which once marked this important spot no longer exist. It is possible, however, to reconstruct a depot structure to serve as a trailhead for travelers on the San Pierre Trail System. This structure could provide bicycle rental and repair, kiosks for tourist information and trail maps, and a location for community events. Located along US 421 at the south edge of town, the depot could also serve as a welcome center to San Pierre.
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