Visions of San Pierre's Future

The artist's renderings on the following pages portray a possible future for San Pierre based on the Vision and Values, and the Goals and Objectives, outlined in the San Pierre Comprehensive Masterplan. These images build upon the existing assets in and around San Pierre and attempt to provide a vision for what its future might look like.

Gas and Grocery

  • Bicycle friendly, pedestrian friendly 'trails' through town connect commercial and residential areas and promote a healthy lifestyle. Solar street lights provide safe paths for travel without high electric bills.
  • Small grocery stores can sell typical household items as well as food and beverages. They also create places for temporary markets selling fruits & vegetables, flowers, flea markets, and local bake sales.
  • "Park-once environments" allow visitors to park their car in a centrally located area, then walk to many nearby shops. As such, they tend to become a hub of social and commercial activity. Gas stations can be well-connected to other town services in this way.
  • Permeable ground surfaces - such as gravel or cobblestones - are good for soils. They distribute run-off in areas without sewer systems, as paved surfaces dry the soil beneath them and have a tendency to create flooding in adjacent areas.
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