Visions of San Pierre's Future

Streetscape Improvements - Our Lady of Holy Cross

  • Fast growing native trees and wildflowers can be used to line the roadway along US 421, creating a memorable and colorful entry into town. Currently, the only indication you are entering a town while traveling along US 421 are the signs that say 'Reduce Speed Ahead.'
  • Locally produced 'Welcome to San Pierre' signs announce the arrival into town. Historic state and US highway signage helps travelers find their way, and hints at the historic nature of the upcoming town.
  • Former Monon Railroad right-of-way converted to a bicycle trail to the south end of town, and connects San Pierre to INDOT's statewide trail system.
  • The Our Lady of Holy Cross health care facility recently closed after 47 years of service to the residents of northwest Indiana. This historic structure proudly stands on US 421 just south of town, and can still offer the residents of San Pierre a variety of possible future uses. Returning our historic structures to active daily use contributes to the quality of townlife in many ways, including providing opportunities to pass along our history from one generation to another. Every effort should be made to return this wonderful building to active service in the local community.
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