Visions of San Pierre's Future

San Pierre Park Improvements

  • The existing picnic shelter and basketball court on top of the hill in the San Pierre Park, and the baseball diamond at the bottom of the hill, are wonderful assets to the community to be preserved and maintained. Large oak trees, over 100 years old, remind park-dwellers of the days when the San Pierre School sat on this very same spot. The Park continues to serve as both an important historical marker and a vital part of daily life in San Pierre.
  • The 1930's semicircular stone amphitheatre seating, constructed by the WPA during the Depression, proudly sits on the third base side of the baseball diamond. This facility could also host revived 'Movies in the Park' events, or outdoor theater productions and musical events put on by students at the North Judson-San Pierre schools.
  • Plans for street lights in downtown San Pierre should include the lighting for the park as well. Many students noted in town meetings and survey responses that by the time they get home from afterschool activities, the sun has gone down and the park is already dark, no longer useful. The San Pierre Park should also become an important anchor for any Trail System in and through town.
  • If the WPA amphitheater seating is extended to include the first base side of the ball diamond, we would propose taking this opportunity to construct a skateboard facility for the youth of San Pierre. Built out of local stone, poured surfaces, and built-up ramps, stairs and pipes, this facility could become a destination for skateboarders throughout Starke County, providing opportunities for San Pierre's younger generation to socialize and interact with others from around the area.
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