San Pierre Comprehensive Masterplan 2008
Vision and Values

Through three town meetings, four citizen surveys, input from the San Pierre Revitalization Committee and interested citizens, we have arrived at the following portrait of the citizens of San Pierre, their values and their vision:

  • San Pierre values its agricultural roots, its rural character and its country way of life.
    San Pierre is not, nor should it ever become, an industrial center, a big city, or a suburb of Chicago. Although the State of Indiana considers Starke County a manufacturing county, San Pierre and Railroad Township continue to identify themselves with their agricultural heritage. Future projects and development in San Pierre should similarly reflect these values.

  • San Pierre values its small town way of life.
    San Pierre is safe, clean, healthy, walkable, affordable, church-going, well-educated, family-friendly, and a good place to raise children. San Pierre is a place where neighbors look out for and take care of each other.

  • San Pierre values its natural resources, its environment, and its outdoor spaces.
    Residents enjoy many activities in the San Pierre Park - walking, biking, basketball, baseball, soccer and skateboarding. Surrounding areas attract hunters, fisherman, 4-wheelers, and ATVs. Visitors also flock to San Pierre to watch thousands of migrating sand hill cranes at the nearby Jasper-Pulaski Wildlife Refuge. Future development in San Pierre should respect, preserve, and enhance the natural environment.

  • San Pierre values its rich and unique history, bith its buildings and its stories.
    Stories of San Pierre's agricultural origins, its railroad heritage, its businesses, and its schools, play a vital role in shaping the identity of San Pierre. Memories of the Pickle Factory, local bank robberies, outdoor movies in the park, school dances or championship basketball seasons, link several generations of San Pierre's past with its future.

  • San Pierre values its town center, and will work to strengthen this community asset.
    Historically, San Pierre's town center and commons were a hub of social and civic activity - the railroad depot, grain elevator, bank, gas and grocery stores provided necessary services, but also offered many opportunities to meet your neighbors, to run into people you knew, and to cross paths with people you didn't know. Today the town center, at the intersection of Eliza Street and US-421, connects San Pierre's churches, park, post office, library, veterinary office, health clinic, restaurant, fire station, and several businesses. We should encourage growth which strengthens this existing core of activities, as opposed to promoting growth which sprawls throughout the township.

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