Starke County Comprehensive Land Use Plan, 2003
Vision Statement

In 2003, a Comprehensive Land Use Plan was prepared for Starke County, Indiana. The report was prepared by the Starke County Plan Committee and the Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission, and was financed in part by a grant from the Indiana Department of Commerce.

One of the first tasks completed by the committee was to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the county. Some of the strengths included were: the people of the county; natural resources and recreational opportunities in the county; agriculture; quality of the environment; crime rate; schools; and industry. Weaknesses mentioned by the group included: a negative perception of the county; unemployment; retail opportunities; drainage; cultural opportunities; affordable housing; and education levels. From these strengths and weaknesses a county vision statement was developed by the committee. The vision statement developed was:

  • Starke County will encourage and direct orderly growth and development in appropriate areas that will preserve its rural character.
  • Starke County will understand, protect and enjoy its significant natural resources, such as forestland, wetlands, wildlife habitat areas, and its natural lakes and river corridors.
  • Starke County will preserve and improve our agriculture business and industry
  • Starke County will prevent developmental sprawl by making efficient use of existing public services and infrastructure.
  • Starke County will improve residential, commercial, and industrial development design to include more open space, parks and filter strips, which utilize desired elements such as forestlands, wetlands, and wildlife areas.
  • Starke County will encourage the development of an integrated transportation system.
  • The quality of jobs offered by Starke County's business and industry will be given high priority.
  • Starke County will lose its negative image by pursuing cultural and educational excellence and opportunities by instilling a sense of community pride among its citizens.
  • Starke County will be seen as a preferred place to live, shop, visit and work among northern Indiana counties because of the high quality and standards of life our communities have established and enjoy while maintaining the rural characteristics of agriculture and natural resources.

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