Visions of San Pierre's Future

New York Central Trail

  • Historic railroad mile-markers note the distances along the former railroad 'right-of-way' and remind travelers of San Pierre's railroad past. Several 'rails-to-trails' programs exist to assist local communities in reclaiming abandoned railbeds for hiking and biking trail systems. Utilizing existing infrastructure and erosion patterns, these trails are often minimally intrusive upon the surrounding landscape.
  • Enhanced treelines on the north sides of the trail create a windbreak during winter months. Native trees and wildflowers create a changing scenery along the recreational trail during different seasons.
  • The trail frames views to local farms and sandhill crane habitats, informing travelers of the different species which have made use of this landscape for centuries.
  • The State of Indiana and the Department of Transportation have set a goal to provide an easily accessible trail opportunity within 15 minutes (or 7.5 miles) of every citizen in Indiana. The San Pierre Trail System will connect the residents of San Pierre to the Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area, Kankakee River State Park and Tippecanoe River State Park along this statewide network of trails.
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