Visions of San Pierre's Future

Monon Trail - Welcome Kiosk

  • Entries into San Pierre along US 421 frame views of local farms, natural beauty, and sandhill crane habitats. As an agricultural community, the first impressions of San Pierre should be of farming and the agricultural activities which dominate the surrounding landscape. Commercial and residential growth should be located close to the center of town to preserve these outlying areas for future agricultural and recreational uses.
  • One mile north and one mile south of San Pierre, the east-west Indiana State Route 10 connects with the north-south US Highway 421, and together follows the former Monon Railroad right-of-way into town. A Rails-to-Trails pathway allows hikers and bikers to travel safely in and out of town without disrupting automotive traffic. Native trees along the north and east sides of the road provide both a windbreak and a welcoming journey into San Pierre.
  • Depot-style information kiosks and trailheads, 'Welcome' signs, and historic state and federal highway markers, greet visitors to the area and provide a sense of place. The Joint Board of Interstate Highways adopted the six-point shield (five points above, one below) for US Highways in April, 1925. The original Indiana State Route marker was retired in the 1940s, yet some signs stayed in service well into the 1970s.
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