CULTURAL STUDY TOUR. Cuernavaca, Mexico. January 2004

The Iowa State University Extension Program in Wapello County, Iowa is sponsoring a cultural study trip to Mexico City, Cuernavaca and Taxco, Mexico. The trip is billed as "An Educational Travel Experience for Community Leaders" with the following goals: learn the social, economic and political concerns which compel Mexicans to migrate to the United States; find out what Mexican government agencies , non-profit groups, and churches are doing to help Mexicans remain in their own country and find adequate work and other resources; explore the medical and educational resources of Mexico which can effectively reach Mexicans before they take the drastic step of migration to the United States; experience the culture which Mexicans bring to Iowa which might prevent their being assimilated quickly into the mainstream Iowa economy and educational systems; learn how community leaders can more effectively meet the cultural, economic, social, educational and linguistic needs of the many Mexicans living in our communities.

Most of our trip will be spent in and around Cuernavaca. We have plans to visit archaeological sites at Xochicalco, Cuicuilco and Teotihuacan, public markets and bazaars, a private school, a rural health clinic, a maquiladora (factory), the local garbage dump(!), a cooperative art studio, a medicinal herb garden, the homes of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and the Dolore Olmedo Museum. We will spend a half day at the Cemanahuac Rural Studies Program in Buenavista, and we will even be taking a Mexican food cooking class with a full dinner and Mexican wines.

Follow our progress with daily reports in the Ottumwa Courier.

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